Our tailor made Career Quiz gives you an insightful look at your personality and the career that is right for you. Tried and tested, become one of the thousands of people who pushed aside their fears and gained direction and clarity to discover their true calling. We want to help make your Career Change Happen!

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Our History

Career Change Happens is a group of people who came together because of an idea.

We have encountered people lacking confidence and motivation when it came to furthering their careers. So, we made it our own personal goal to turn that around.
We realised that key to confidence and motivation was direction. It’s a brilliant thing to have motivation and confidence but with nothing to aim your new-found skills at, where can you go from there? This is where CCH comes in. 

You see, this is not just a website. This is a community built specifically for you; a community where you can build your confidence and motivation as well as your goals, dreams, aspirations and most of all, your career.